Southport CARES for Children 

Many protests have been called by CARES including the big Southport March, which saw 4000 protesters in action
NB. All data on CARES' countless activities has been saved for future referance
CARES members Cath Regan  & Margaret Brown attended the  NHS Foundation Trust Plan Meeting on 12 March 2012 at Church Road in Formby.
CARES Co – Chair Cath Regan reiterated to NHS Chief Executive Jonathan Parry, the need for emergency children’s services in the region. Mr Parry retorted with a comment that he had “already debated” that issue before, but would continue to listen to what people said.​​

Monday 7.00 pm, 22 Nov. 2010

Venue: Christ Church, Lord Street, Southport.

Videos from the event

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